Irene Adler (or simply Irene in the film) is a minor character in Sherlock Gnomes, a sequel to Gnomeo & Juliet and her first (possibly only) appearance.


Mary J. Blige provides the regular and singing voice of Irene, a pampered plastic Barbie doll living in the Doll Museum among many other delicate, priceless toys.

Physical Appearance

Irene is structurally similar to a Barbie doll, though with more exaggerated features than a average doll such as a longer neck and a more curvy body. She is tall (just as tall as Sherlock) with a thin waist, and wide hips and legs. She has warm plastic brown skin and thick, hair that depends on her outfit. She has wide green eyes, a small attached nose, and thick lips with a painted on mole over her lip.

First Outfit

As first shown in the film, Irene

Boxer Outfit

Before performing her




Sherlock Gnomes

Not much is known about the past between her and Sherlock, except for the fact that Sherlock ended his supposed engagement to her through a letter over an unspecified reason, resulting in her resentfulness towards the detective.


Unlike Sherlock, she does respect Watson enough to greet him at Gnomeo and Juliet's garden celebration.


  • Because she has spent most of her time in a Doll Museum, her interactions around humans are very scarce.