Gnomeo Montague






Blue Garden


Lady Blueberry (Mother)
Gnomeo's Father (Father)
Lord Redbrick (Father In Law)




Juliet Capulet


Tybalt (formerly)




James McAvoy

Gnomeo Montague-Capulet is the main male protagonist of Gnomeo and Juliet. He is the member of Blue Garden and the eventual lover and husband of Juliet.

About Gnomeo

Gnomeo Montague is a member of the Blue Garden, and the lover of a Red gnome, Juliet Capulet. He is the son of Lady Blueberry.

Physical Appearance

Gnomeo Montague is burly, with a white beard and blonde hair. He wears a vest with a belt, a blue cap, and black boots. He has thick eyebrows, a big nose, and big black eyes.


Gnomeo is clever, kind, an achiever, educated, involved, risk-taker, adventurous, energetic, joyful, seeks improvement, alert, he is enterprising, kind, sees the whole picture, ambitious, enthusiastic, leads others, self-confident, aspiring, entrepreneurial, loyal, self-giving, athletic, has faith in life (and in others), mature, selfless, aware of opportunities, flexible, modest, self-reliant, calm, focused, motivated, has a sense of humor, candid, forgiving, objective, sensitive, caring, friendly, observant, serious, charitable, generous, open-minded, sincere, cheerful, gentle, optimistic, spiritual, completes things, goodness, organized, high stamina, considerate, graceful, patient, has great strength, strong constructive ability, gracious, peaceful, stress-free, relaxed, cooperative, grateful, perseveres, sympathetic, courageous, hard-working, persistent, systematic, courteous, helpful, personable, takes others point of view, creative high goals, polite, mannered, tenacious, decisive, honest, practical, thoughtful, deliberative, hopeful, punctual, tolerant, delightful, humble, realistic, tough, determined, has great humility, regular, trusting, devoted, imaginative, positive, trustworthy, diligent, has initiative, reliable, unpretentious, disciplined, innovative, resourceful, unselfish, does what is necessary, right, insightful, respectful, well-behaved, dynamic, intelligent, responsible, wise, interested, and full of wonderment.


  • Lady Blueberry is his mother. She is very proud of him and thinks he will carry on her pride.
  • Gnomeo's Father does not appear, but Lady Blueberry says Gnomeo is a lot like him.
  • Featherstone is a plastic flamingo who was trapped in a shed for many years. His love went missing and he became depressed. Gnomeo and Juliet helped free him.
  • Benny is his friend and almost-sidekick. He vowed to avenge Gnomeo after his false death.
  • Shroom is a mushroom who is Gnomeo's friend. He does not have the ability to speak and acts much like a dog.
  • Juliet Capulet(Character) is his late wife
  • Lord Redbrick is his Father in Law

Life Goals

Gnomeo seeks to better gnome kind by devoting his limitless skills to assisting the poor and needy. He wishes to only help others, thinking nothing of himself. At least, until Juliet came. Once Juliet arrived, she exerted an almost birdlike influence over Gnomeo.

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